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What is going on? It is difficult to tell. It would feel better if I could move with my keyboard instead of mouse only

This game is a ton of fun! I now want to install it on my phone. I have a little advice. I think you should stick with this game. With some changes, I would drop a couple of bucks to have this game on Steam. 1) Give visual feedback (maybe make the color change every 10-20 rings?) This would give a sense of progression. 2) Probably music. I personally don't listen to game music, but some people do. Something with a heavy beat (check out super hexagon) 3) QWEASD is a bit awkward. Maybe arrow keys (left+up = top left?) or use the mouse (drag or maybe just swipe with mouse.) Num. pad might actually wok too
Overall, this is great. Keep up the great work. This could be something great!

CjElliott responds:

Thanks for the amazing words :)

Firstly now sure if you noticed but it is available on the android via the google play store, link in description :) or was that what you were getting at by "I now want to install it on my phone" xD

Anyways I definitely feel like the color changing every 10-20 rings is a good idea, I will implement that in the future :)
As for music I have been looking for music for ages, I just was never able to find anything that fit the game correctly :/ Will try looking in some different places or hire a musician if I can't find anything I like, but yeah a lot of people seem to want music.
As for using arrow keys and pressing two keys for diagonal movement, the with that is that the left and right key would be completely useless as you can not move left or right, might just seem a bit strange. I'll implement it and test it out, if its not too strange I'll add it to the game :)

Once again, thanks a lot for the awesome review, great feedback and all these great ideas :D

Thanks for publishing your game. That takes guts! I like the idea for a simple game to make in two weeks, but I would love some more diversity in the textures. The flashing could be turned down, to make it hurt my eyes less. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pinball games, and I would love to see you try something else!

RevengefullTrout responds:

thanks for the feedback!

I know, I got multiple suggestions to make it less flashy and stuff. But the assignment was to make a pinball machine that reflects a part of who you are, and I like cyberpunk alot and I think that this fits that theme really well, The flashing lights and stuff :p

We started our next project this monday, and we have to work as a company to create 4 weapons with scenery with a particular team.

(Update, I'm failing at it and my 3D program bailed on me FML :D)


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